I discovered that I could Squirt!

The other night I reached a new peak as my lover and I were making love.

I was on my hands and knees, back arched, and faced down into the pillow to muffle my pleasure filled cries. He roughly fucked me from behind as I continuously begged for more. With each stroke I felt my pussy getting tighter causing me to arch my back more and more, allowing him to fill me deeper. I begged him not to stop as my body collapsed and completely submitted to his. It wasn’t long before I felt pressure and he had no choice but to pull out. My eyes rolled back and toes curled as I squirted all over his hard cock. My body was shaking with ecstasy as I quietly whimpered. Without any warning, he quickly entered me again causing me to scream with delight. However, it was only a few seconds before I left him drenched again... This went on throughout the night. I squirted until I exhausted my body and left our sheets soaked. I slept like a baby that night.