Posh Kitty Boutique

Posh Paw Decals (Customize your own Socks!)


♡ Customize your socks with these cute handmade decals! 

How to Apply Decals
Vinyl decals are applied via an iron on the cotton setting.
It would be best to outline your foot on a piece of cardboard, cut that piece out, and then insert it into the sock before applying the vinyl. This way the vinyl can stretch and not be wrinkly, as well as, be placed on accurately!
Additionally, please make sure to place parchment paper between the iron and the decal. Lastly, apply pressure on the decal for 10 second intervals!


Care Instructions
Decals are washing machine safe (cold setting only) and dryer safe (lowest temperature setting). Please wash inside out to protect the vinyl.

Handmade with lots of love & care by Posh Kitty Boutique!
A percentage of all sales go to the artist to help them continue creating! ✨

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