Sex and arousal can be incredibly visual sensations, but you’ll be amazed at how much more exciting it can be when you take vision out of the equation. Giving up your access to sight for the experience can cut down on your inhibitions and allow you to focus on taste, touch, smell, and sound instead. Instead of seeing your partner raise a paddle and spank you with it, you get to experience this in an entirely new way. The sound of it rushing through the air, the sensation of it smacking your skin, the sound and how that fills the air, the touch of your partner smoothing over tender skin with their fingertips before you hear the paddle going through the air again: giving up vision can make any experience more intense.
The material your blindfold is made out of should be based on what feels good on your skin, what you find visually appealing, and what will excite you to wear. This is an item you can even use in solo play so your mind can conjure up images of whatever scenario will thrill you the most. Each of these are comfortable on the face, stimulating to wear and place on someone else, and can make any encounter more fun.

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