Last updated: 03/17/2023

Artist Terms of Service

Kinky Peach believes in uplifting small creators. We want to partner with sex and kink positive artists, and to use our platform to share their work without censorship!

This document is made to establish clear guidelines for what our artists are entitled to, and in return what Kinky Peach expects from its artists. Please read the entirety of this document carefully. By agreeing to work with Kinky Peach, you agree to both the General Terms and Financial Terms.

General Terms

This section outlines the rights for both you as an artist, and the Kinky Peach as a business.

Your Rights As An Artist

  1. Your collaboration with Kinky Peach is at will, and you maintain the right to terminate your partnership with Kinky Peach at any time.
  2. Your artwork will not be redistributed or sold via any merchandise or method that you did not consent to.
  3. Your art will be credited to you as the original creator anywhere Kinky Peach posts it, such as on sales listings or social media posts.
  4. In an attempt to reduce the possibility of art theft, previews of your artwork displayed online will not be in full resolution, and will be watermarked with a signature crediting you as the artist and Kinky Peach as the source.
  5. Your sales figures and artist payouts will be updated monthly.
  6. You have the right to negotiate the prices your items are sold for.
  7. Kinky Peach will handle all shipping and fulfillment of the products supplied from you.
  8. Kinky Peach will handle a majority of promotion, customer service inquiries, and backend work so the artists can focus on creating.
  9. You have the right to access this document, and be notified if there are updates to its contents.


The Kinky Peach’s Rights As A Collaborator

  1. Your collaboration with Kinky Peach is at will, and Kinky Peach maintains the right to terminate your partnership at any time.
  2. Kinky Peach has the right to choose which designs will be accepted onto the shop. Not all designs will be accepted even from artists we have ongoing partnerships with.
  3. Kinky Peach reserves the right to discontinue designs.
  4. If you as the artist wish to terminate your relationship with Kinky Peach while there is still inventory left in our stock that Kinky Peach paid to procure, Kinky Peach maintains the right to sell leftover inventory to recoup the costs of manufacturing.
  5. Kinky Peach can sell collaborated art on any sales channel it operates on, including but not limited to: the Kinky Peach website, the etsy shop, partnered brick and mortar consignment shops, in person vending events, and at conventions.
  6. Artists on our team are expected to follow a general Code of Conduct, as follows:

    6.1. Our artists do not promote hate speech or bigotry.

    6.2. Our artists are sex and kink positive, and curate their art to an adult audience.

    6.3. Art submitted is required to be original content that you have the rights to, made purely through human effort. We do not wish to partner with those who make AI generated images.

    6.4. Kinky Peach does not create, share, or support NFTs, and does not wish to be associated with those who mint NFTs or similarly related blockchain technology for reasons of sustainability, its culture of predatory practices, and its volatile, unregulated market.

    6.5. We love sharing and promoting our artist’s work, and in turn we hope that the artists we collaborate with will in turn promote their releases and collaborations with Kinky Peach on their own social media feeds.

7. Egregious violations in Codes of Conduct can result in your artist profile and products being removed from the site and catalog immediately.

Financial Terms

Each artist has the right to negotiate their type of agreement. Here are the arrangements Kinky Peach has for its artists:


You as the artist handle the production of your merchandise to be sold. Kinky Peach will purchase your completed work at a wholesale price to resell onto its sales channels.


You as the artist make the merchandise to be sold. We offer a 50/50 consignment deal, where both parties receive 50% of the purchase price with every unit sold. You can establish the price of your item, to ensure that your expenses are covered, and you make a worthwhile profit.
Your sales will be tracked through a shared spreadsheet, and paid out through Zelle or Paypal on a monthly basis.


Kinky Peach will take care of the costs and the process of manufacturing the merchandise your art is made into, and provides a safe platform for your work to be shared.

Designs start off as stickers, as a low cost and low risk entry point for a design. Depending on the success of your design, it could eventually be made into higher margin items like pins, prints, apparel, ect.

You get 20% of the profit from each sale of your items. Profits are calculated after expenses are deducted from the revenue. Expenses can include production costs, taxes, shipping materials, and so on.

Your sales will be tracked through a shared spreadsheet, and paid out through Zelle or Paypal on a monthly basis.