Glass & Acrylic Toys

The sleek and smooth lines, the beauty in reflecting any kind of light, and the firm surfaces ensure that glass and acrylic toys can whet anyone’s appetite. From dildos to butt plugs, glass toys offer no resistance and can be used with any lube, ensuring a fun and satisfying encounter. Whether you’re enjoying these toys alone or using them with a partner, glass dildos and butt plugs offer sensations like temperature play, and enjoy the heft and weight they offer while in use. Acrylic paddles are fantastic for impact play since they’re easy to clean, durable, and can allow for fantastic pain when used correctly. Their designs can tease and excite, while they range in abilities from being able to handle a heavy paddling to mostly working for aesthetics and light paddling. These types of items offer a chance to introduce fun aesthetics into sex and make it a more enticing interaction for everyone involved!

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