Masks, Muzzles, & Hoods

The senses are a vital part of sex and bondage, and nothing can push the excitement further than shifting their access. Masks, muzzles, and hoods add intrigue and a touch of anonymity to any encounter, even with a partner you’ve been with for years. Masks can be used for either partner, giving dominant parties the ability to slip into the role they want without feeling insecure or unsure of themselves or giving submissive partners the chance to let go of inhibitions and seek pleasure instead of overthinking things. Muzzles and hoods are fantastic and similar to gags in how they can quickly quiet a noisy submissive partner and give them more to focus on than the noises they’re making. These require a high level of trust, support, and aftercare. Muzzles and hoods are something that should be worked up to if they’re a goal: when you finally get to enjoy them, the work you put in will be worth it!

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