Floggers & Whips

If whips and chains excite you: you’re in the right place! Floggers and whips can add so much more to an encounter than just delightful pain. When used correctly these can be powerful tools to build anticipation, help someone zero in on a sensation, or heighten pleasure. Impact play, from love taps to rougher flogging, can blur the lines between pleasure and pain and pull the interaction to another level. If you’re new to this, consider which visually excites you the most and how you and someone you trust can explore this together. Some items combine other sensations, like the intriguing sound of the chain floggers and the difference in sensation between the impact of a braided and unbraided one. These each have different uses and feelings in a scene, so it’s good to wait and build your way up to one with braided tails if you’re new to impact play. Each made from vegan leather and high-quality metal details, whichever you buy will become a prized possession in no time.

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