Gags can be the answer if your sessions have been getting too noisy or your partner wants to give you more control during play. These incredible devices help submissive members in any scene give in more to the moment and sink into a heady space where they let sensation take over. The second best cure to any oral fixation, many of these gags are multifunctional, allowing for the gagged partner to still perform oral or with the gag itself simulating oral penetration. Giving up the power and control can be intoxicating for the submissive person in most situations: if your partner trusts you enough to wear a gag during play, you’ll be amazed at what the visual can do for your own excitement. All of these fantastic items are made with body-safe materials, including high-quality vegan leather and nonporous silicone, so they can be used for play as long as you’re both hungry for more.

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