Collars & Leashes

We could all use a guiding hand, and it’s even better when it’s by leash and collar! The sensation of a collar snugly around your neck, or knowing that your partner trusts you enough to wear one or lets you handle a leash on them can be intoxicating. There are countless ways collars can be used in play! From giving someone an area to grip during oral sex to showing possession and ownership over a person and helping them sink into the scene, you’re exploring together, the collar matters. Each of these collars and leashes is made of skin-safe vegan leather, with some having high-quality metal facets and chains, so they’re safe for play and regular use. Those with cushioned lining are even better for beginners who need to get used to the sensation, but with the right partner, any of these collars and leashes can lead to a fun experience!

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