Our Story

Welcome to the garden where the fruit isn’t forbidden.

Kinky Peach is a small business run by two queer women who share one vision in mind:

To bring sexual empowerment and fulfillment to all.

So much of the adult industry is focused on catering to one specific demographic, that most of us don’t fall into. Kinky Peach strives to be different: more inclusive, more educational, and more fun! We offer cute and kinky accessories, adult toys, apparel and art created by small independent artists, and much more!

Our mission is to provide a safe and welcoming sex positive community to people of all body shapes, gender expressions, sexualities, and kinks.


The Two Woman Team

We’re longtime best friends who have been uplifting each other for many years, and want to share that support with you!


A queer, WOC sex worker who is the original founder of Kinky Peach. Jenny has battled sexual trauma, and emerged victorious with help from the therapeutic power of kink. Now, she hopes to fight for other’s sexual empowerment. It’s far from easy, given how BDSM and sex is demonized as taboo. But doing all she can to destigmatize sex, sex work, and kink is a worthwhile struggle!


A sapphic independent artist who’s been intimately involved with Kinky Peach since its inception. In a world where graphic violence is acceptable in media, yet a woman’s nipple is too obscene, she wants to destigmatize love. Her biggest priority is sustainability, and hopes to achieve it by creating products that are timeless and made to last.