The Kinky Peach

Plug My Hole Head Harness Gag


This unique head harness and gag system provides an unforgettable mood for you and your submissive lover! This one-size-fits-most gag can be plugged or unplugged, depending on how you want to use your partner. Trap them in this head harness to create the illusion of helplessness that your sub craves!

  • Overhead Strap: Adjustable 12 - 18 inches (measured from top of mouth piece to bottom strap connection point)
  • Bottom Strap: Adjustable 18.5 - 25 inches

Vegan Leather

More Styles
Check out this head harness as just a Gag! Click Here.

Suggested Skill Level
Intermediate - Expert

Breath play/control can be dangerous. Individuals looking to experiment with breath play should be extremely cautious. You should use communication during the act and employ the use of safe words and gestures.

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