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Wish Upon Collar


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Behold, a magnificent adornment of strength and beauty! This enchanted BDS|\/| collar, steadfast in its resilience, is an embodiment of elegance and power. With a sturdy foundation of D-rings, secured by a ribbon of enchantment, this collar promises an effortless, yet secure fit. The ribbon can also be replaced with a lock or any tie of your choosing, imbuing it with a unique touch of charm!

Width: 1.75 inches
Each collar is one size fits all, but the collar length can be customized for how long the collar itself will be. Even the smallest option collars can fit any sized neck since the back is open and fastened with a ribbon! (It just may not reach around all the way.) Measurement includes D-rings. Starting measurement is 12".

Lace, Satin Ribbon, and Gold Hardware

Made to Order
Every collar is made to order, so please allow 1-2 weeks of production time! (Production time may vary depending on order volume).

Handmade with lots of love by Danelle Dark Arts ✨
A percentage of all sales goes to the artist to help them continue creating art! Thank you for shopping small and supporting independent sex positive artists!

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