Milo's First Rope Play Scene

Shibari • Transgender M/M • Sexually Implied
This is a simple rope play scene that’s not necessarily sexual but implies that things will lead there, after he’s finally enjoying being tied up. It’s from the POV of the sub but is entirely in second person. The pair is a trans for trans pair of two men who are doing this together for the first time.

• • • • •

“Is this too tight?” 

“No.” Milo’s voice was light and airy as Chris tightened the ropes that bound his legs from knee to ankle. The tugging fibers, pale green stark against his soft skin, made his heart feel like it was going to spill out from his rib cage at any moment. He needed this. The entire week was a mess, and he just needed for his brain to be shut off for a while. Something to stop him from reaching for his phone. 

Anything to keep him from thinking about his life beyond these walls. 

“From here on, it’s ‘Sir.’” 

Milo nodded at first, still stuck within his mind, before catching himself. “Yes, sir.” He was a little too eager to reply, but he didn’t have time for shame. Chris’s body was gorgeous, black briefs hiding away surprises that Milo hoped he’d get to taste by the end of the night. 

“Close your eyes.” 

“Yes, sir.” 

He was ready this time. 

His mind was still rushing, pressing through all of the stresses of the day, but he fought to hide them from his face. This wasn’t the time for them. He could force them away if he tried hard enough, right? Chris’s hands slipped over his skin, and Milo could feel his body getting lost in the sensations. 

His shirt started to get tugged off, and his heartbeat sped faster, suddenly nervous. Chris was trans like him; he shouldn’t panic like this. 

At the same time, Chris had scars that said he dropped enough money that he didn’t have to worry about getting his shirt tugged off. “I’m going to remove your binder. Is that okay?” Chris’s voice was soft in Milo’s ear. 

Milo hesitated, unsure what to say. 

“Yes, sir.” 

“Give me a light.” 

Milo felt his face turn red, realizing his hesitation had been blatant in his voice. “Yellow,” he admitted. “I don’t want to see myself; if I can keep my eyes closed, it’s okay.”

“Good.” Chris’s voice was deep, and Milo could hear him rummaging through a bag. “Open your eyes. Do you want me to put this on you?” 

Milo felt guilty, like he’d failed at something, until he looked at what Chris was holding. In Chris’s rough hands was a red ribbon blindfold that had a beautiful damask pattern woven into it. Milo’s heart sped quickly, and he didn’t have to consider his answer. “Yes, sir.” The mask was cooling satin as it settled in against his facial features, Chris tied it just tight enough to sit over his eyes without slipping down. Unlike simply closing his eyes, this pushed the outside world away from him. His racing thoughts weren’t entirely gone but felt like they were at an arm’s distance instead of overwhelming his mind. 

“May I remove your binder?” 

“Yes, sir.” 

His answer was immediate. Milo wanted Chris to remove it, to strip away the tight breaths caused by this uncomfortable casing. 

“Lift your arms.” 

Milo did as he was told immediately, eager to continue. 

“Good boy.” 

They were simple words, but they sent a jolt of interest and excitement through Milo. Sucking in his bottom lip, he had chills as he felt Chris start to pull up his binder from the bottom. It was tight and slow work. The feeling of Chris’ rough fingers pulling it up over itself was enticing as it mixed with the sensation of the room’s cooling air touching his skin. Chris gripped the back of Milo’s blindfold as he pulled the binder up and over his head, ensuring no drops of light made their way through. 

The moment it was off, and his body was out in the open, he was ready to feel an uncomfortable chill: but he felt comfortable in front of Chris. He could swallow in full breaths of air, his chest, stomach rolls, and hips on full display. 

Milo only felt a chill as Chris’s fingers rolled from Milo’s shoulders to his elbows, pulling his arms out in front of him. 

As Chris started looping the rope around Milo’s wrists, doubled and tugging, Milo’s thoughts finally left. His worries were gone, and instead, his mind was only on every touch and sensation, every pull of air that filled his lungs and then escaped again into the space between them. 

Wrist to wrist, Milo’s hands were bound against the front of his chest, his body buzzing with interest and excitement. Any slight shift and breath meant he could suddenly feel every part of his body that rope was touching. It was slow patient work that made him feel more

connected and in sync with anyone he’d ever known. This was more intimate than sex, although he couldn’t deny the part of him that was pleased to think it would lead to that after the fact. 

He didn’t need it now, though. 

He was entranced. 

The slow pull of the rope, the sound of Chris knotting the fibers together, shifting close to him as he made adjustments, and the sensation of this man’s breath on Milo’s skin were his entire world. 

He didn’t want to think. 

Didn’t need to. 

Chris finished his work on Milo’s chest, and Milo felt as Chris tugged on the continuation of the ropes that had tied his legs together and started knotting and tying them up his thighs as well. An excited but unintended noise escaped Milo’s throat as Chris laid him back onto his back and lifted his thighs to finish the knots. 

That firm hand ran up the back of his thigh, teasing as he finished connecting the work. It was completed. 

Milo lay there, mind blank of anything besides sensation. The tugging of the rope over his entire body, the sound of it as it strained and rubbed against itself, and how even the expansion of his ribcage released an incredible sensation of the rope, it was all just enough. 

His mind was for once with him there on the mattress, body bound but feeling more freedom of thought and worry than he’d gotten to feel in years.

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This was an incredible scene to read. It flows so well, you really feel like you’re there. Thank you for writing and allowing us to read this. 💖

Druid May 24, 2023

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