My 1st Wax Play Experience

I like a little pain in the bedroom so naturally I’ve always been curious about wax play…

I shared my first experience with my Dom Sam who was also curious and had never tried temperature play before. One day, as we were at a store, we walked through the home decor aisle. It had shelves lined with assorted candles. I couldn’t help but get excited like a little girl in a candy store until he finally gave in and made the purchase.

When we got home, I wasted no time - I played The Weeknd’s Trilogy album, dimmed the lights, and lit candles as he got the video equipment ready.
Once everything was set up, I obediently listened to my Dom as he told me to get on the bed and lie on my stomach. From the corner of my eye, I watched as he grabbed a candle and placed it above my body, starting at the top of my back. The anticipation was titillating and a bit brutal. I wanted to beg “Yes please, Daddy”. As he slowly dripped wax down my back, my body reacted to each drop; I pushed my hips back, arched my back, and bit down on the bedsheet. The teasing sensation was immensely stimulating, I had to suck on my fingers to soften my moans.

As he made his way down to my booty, the wax dripped down my inner thighs. I quivered every time he got close to my pussy. It wasn’t long before I couldn’t bear the tease any longer and ended up on top of him. As I thrusted my hips, I grabbed a candle and slowly poured it all over my breast, occasionally dripping it on his chest. The pain from the hot wax and the sensation of his hard dick quickly brought me to orgasm. We then changed to one of my favorite positions, doggystyle. He pulled my hips up, pushed my face into the bed, and poured wax all over my back. My eyes rolled back and my body trembled as I beg him to keep fucking me. Before I could cum again, he aggressively grabs my hair, spanks my ass, and drips wax all over me. I could feel myself getting tighter as he continued to thrust, it wasn’t long before my body trembled in ecstasy.

He finished all over my ass. It was hard to tell between the wax and cum.


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