I can be a Submissive and a Feminist

Many believe that female submission cannot coexist with feminism. I don't agree and I think this view partly stems from the negative assumptions about BDSM. One must first understand that BDSM is not abuse. BDSM is consensual and requires a lot of trust and communication from all parties involved.

Choosing (keyword!) to be submissive in the bedroom is empowering for me. My regular life is filled with responsibilities and I must constantly make decisions. My submission means I'm choosing to release control for a limited amount of time, and that feels like a burden being lifted. It has made me less anxious, happier, and more fulfilled. There is a transformation that comes over me in surrender. A softening of the hard intellect and practicality that is my usual way of being in the world. 

Did you know that Wonder Woman Was Created by a Feminist Bondage Fetishist?

Lastly, women who become subs or Dommes tend to be very strong-willed and ‘self-knowing’. They enter the lifestyle either out of a need to express themselves, to further develop themselves, or to fulfill something that was “missing” or needed in their lives. It is a true expression of feminism to know one’s self enough and be strong enough to explore such a non-traditional lifestyle.